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Nothing worth having comes easy.

The epitome of dedication and commitment, there is something to be said about his work ethic. Tony's commitment to excellence is due to the experiences he's gone through; things he's done, thing's he's seen. Negativity is all around, to genuinely surpass that with your head above water is near impossible. 6 high schools, 2 arrests, medical issues, wins - losses, and countless of experiences can be heard in his music.

Having roots in the Philippines, Germany, and all over the United States, his music can be heard locally - at a global level. Nothing worth having comes easy, nothing that's easy is worth having - a line Tony repeats in his head daily. It's been a long road, the destination has been in view since the beginning, but the finish line is still far away. Never being satisfied, there is no telling the possibilities of what's to come. Flight Nation Family. Remember it, live it. We are one. 6146


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