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                Kevin Untalan (born July 15, 1991), more infamously known as Tony Accardo, is a Fil-Am rapper, songwriter, artist, and entrepreneur.  Born in Hessen, Germany; Tony moved to Chicago at the tender age of four years old. Growing up, Tony always knew he was destined to be successful. Having always performed at family events since first moving to America, it was either music or basketball. Growing up in Chicago unfortunately rerouted Tony’s motives as he started getting involved with the street life. Tony may have stayed away from the ever growing gang culture in Chicago, but everything else still got a hold of Tony, eventually leading to run-ins with the police, numerous altercations, attending over six pubic high schools due to his short temper and over-aggressive resolution decisions, and many other substantial obstacles which can be heard throughout his music. 

                Kevin “Tony Accardo" Untalan has been contentious since entering the industry with his first video premiering on WorldStarHipHop on May 21, 2018. Since his first release, Tony has been exploding in the industry - being featured on Thisis50, Hnhh, Worldstar multiple times, ect. Tony Accardo has seen success with radio play as well as being published in magazines such as The Grynd Report. Currently operating Buwan Acquisitions; a father company parenting many business startups such as Lifestyle93, QSV, DesignerGFX, Gridiron K9, Flight Nation Family, and many more! 

"The harder the journey, the more fulfilling the destination." -  CEO Kevin "Tony Accardo" Untalan

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